Small Screen Devices


The Quantum Technology Group’s patent portfolio establishes broad implications for utilization by a wide variety of industries. Our technology represents university based research patents that now are exclusively licensed to QTG.The products QTG produces are in critical demand by industry and represent the platform or core technology they require. Specific quality characteristics have been identified and our products meet and exceed industry requirements. Furthermore, our capabilities produce a nontoxic alternative for current manufacturers. We currently meet RoHS (Restrictions of Hazardous Substances) standard Sand Green Leaf Certifications.Our unique manufacturing process also presents the ability to produce nontoxic quantum dots and deliver bulk manufacturing. Specific industries demand large quantity production, QTG can meet these needs.

Furthermore, our scientific competencies also extend into product development and collaborations with industry. QTG welcomes inquiries and offers it’s considerable resources and those of the well established commercial and academic scientific community. QTG is located in the center of the technology corridor north of Boston Massachusetts.