Diagnostics and Quality Testing

QDs, when conjugated to a biological entity such as an antibody or antigen, can be used to develop rapid diagnostic tests for water and food quality, animal and human diagnostics as well as swab tests to assess the presence of pathogens. The unique feature of a QD test, allows for test results to be generated in a few minutes at the point of care. This feature allows the test adminstrator to get results immediately and thereby determine the course of action while the patient is still in the office. This also allows the doctor to generate an additional stream of revenue versus having a central lab charge for the test.

There is a significant overlap in the work required to develop water, food and beverage, swab tests as well as animal and human diagnostics. Except for human diagnostics, all of the other tests have minimal if any regulatory requirements and the investments and timeline to introduce these tests into the market is shorter and less expensive than that for human diagnostics.